Conference:CEWP Conference on River Restoration


Integrated Management and Ecological
Restoration of River Basin


In 2012, the Minister of Ministry of Water Resources, Chen Lei, on behalf of the Chinese government formally signed the China-Europe Water Platform (CEWP) cooperationist framework agreement with the EU. Since 2015, China has started to cooperate with the European side in the field of restoration, ecosystems service, and biodiversity. Professor Li Jianhua, a Chinese expert in the field of river restoration, was responsible for the technical and policy exchange and cooperation between China and the EU. At present, the focus is to carry out academic research on river restoration and the biodiversity conservation in Jiangsu Taihu Lake Basin and Zhejiang Nanxi River Basin.

This year, we will invite top experts in the field of integrated management and ecological restoration of river basin in the EU keynote reports. We will also organize two sub-sessions for the European experts and the Chinese experts to interact with each other by giving reports. In addition, the experts will have the chance to discuss the future of China and the EU in academic, technical and political cooperation with the government in the form of round-table discussions.



Topic of the conference:

1. River health assessment and integrated river basin management

2. River biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration technology


Deadline of each stage:

September 30: Submission of Registration Form (Please download the form at the??

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October 8: Submission of PPT and poster?

October 11-13: Date of conference

March 2018: Submission of full paper


Conference host

DG Environment, European Commission

Key Laboratory of Yangtze River Water Environment, Ministry of Education

Conference organizer :

Jiaxing-Tongji Environmental Research Institute


Address: 1994 Linggongtang Road, Jiaxing 314051, Zhejiang province



Note: The international conference exemption from the registration fee, and we provide free coffee break and lunch (October 12). Participants cover accommodation, transportation, and ecological field study fees. In the later mail notification, we will recommend you the hotels near the venue. Any questions please feel free to e-mail us. Please send this form to before September 30th.


?Please download and fill out the document below, and send it to before September 30th .


Registration Form:

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